3715 Wilson Ave. Grandville, MI 49418 Sunday Gatherings: 10:15AM and 5:30PM

Adult Bible Hour

Season of Epiphany: Winter 2018

Courses meet at 9:00 am.

During the winter season we join together to work through significant topics that challenge our worldview and refresh our fellowship.

Expedition Class

Young adults (single or married) in college or beginning a career.

Training and preparation for the life that is truly life; a life of holiness in a world that isn’t. We are serious about our quest, while celebrating the wonderful grace that has been lavished on us through Christ Jesus our Lord and Master (Conference Room with the DeHamers & Schoonovers).

Seeing Jesus Series: The Wisdom of God

Ladies, wouldn’t you love to be wise and know the God who is Wisdom himself? This study of Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and the Song of Solomon mines the Wisdom Literature not only for wise principles for living, but also for the wise person these books point to through their drama, poetry, proverb and song-Jesus (Room 105 with Julie Atwood).

Wiersbe Bible Study Series on Joshua: BE STRONG – Putting God’s Power to Work in Your Life

After forty years of wandering the desert, the Israelites finally arrived at the Promised Land. Led by Moses’ courageous successor, Joshua, the people soon discovered that they must not only believe God’s promise but also act on His Word. The book of Joshua offers powerful parallels for believers today, encouraging us to stay strong in our faith while standing firm on God’s promises to us (Fellowship Hall with Gary Wiers).

The Church Re-Ignited— Our Reformation Heritage

The Church was born on the day of Pentecost with Holy Spirit fire. Centuries later that spreading flame had diminished to a glowing ember. Again the Holy Spirit flared up to reignite the Church through His faithful chosen people, creating a renewed devotion to God. This Christian heritage study will take the class through the development of the Reformation with several devoted and dedicated men and women making it possible. It has been 500 years since Luther posted his 95 Theses on the Wittenberg Church door marking the beginning of the Protestant Reformation. What was accomplished changed everything in the Christian world. Every aspect of religion, culture, and society was changed including marriage, family, music, art, and literature. The important changes in Christianity were the use of vernacular scripture, the priesthood of believers, and believer’s baptism. Come explore the origins of your evangelical Biblical faith (Sunshine Room with Wayne Wright).