3715 Wilson Ave. Grandville, MI 49418 Sunday Gatherings: 10:15AM and 5:30PM

Adult Bible Hour

Season of Lent: Spring 2017

Courses meet at 9:00 am.

During the autumn season we join together to work through significant topics that challenge our worldview and refresh our fellowship.

The Son of David: Seeing Jesus in the Historical Books – Ladies book discussion

Gain a fresh perspective on Israel’s history and God’s kingdom, a broader understanding of Jesus as the fulfillment of Scripture, and much more as we join with Nancy Guthrie on this incredible journey to see Jesus in the historical books of Joshua through Esther.

The Second Coming–When? A Historical Perspective on Views of the Second Coming of Christ

Have you ever wondered when the Lord would return?  For centuries, Christians have been looking forward to Christ’s Second Coming and many have tried to predict its date.  Does God’s word really give us enough information to know when?  This course will reveal what people in various times have proposed as they have tried to unravel the mysteries of the apocalyptic scriptures.  We will see how politics, economic conditions, natural disasters, and wars have influenced the Church’s thinking about End Times.  We’ll compare and contrast the four predominant millennial views and will see how God’s Word leads to a belief in a particular view.

Prayer Group

Understanding and valuing the power of a praying church, this group meets with the specific purpose of praying for our church body, it’s leaders, and the proclamation of Word and worship here at Grace.

Epistle of I Peter: Be Hopeful, How to Make the Best of Times Out of Your Worst of Times

Peter wrote this letter to Christians who were going through various trials.  The apostle knew that more trials were just around the corner, and he wanted to prepare believers for them.  He also knew that often those with the deepest hurt appreciate grace the most, which may explain why he, the apostle who once denied his Savior, wrote this remarkable letter that celebrated the hope and grace found in Christ.