3715 Wilson Ave. Grandville, MI 49418 Sunday Gatherings: 10:15AM and 5:30PM

Adult Bible Hour

Our Adult Bible Hour meets on Sunday mornings from 9:00 – 10:00 am. We would love for you to join us at any time.  Classes currently being offered are:


Love in Action – A Study of 1 John

Meets in: Chapel           Teachers: Jim VanderMey and Gary Page

John writes to a church (or group of churches) struggling to live out the reality of their faith.  Although only a generation or so since Jesus was crucified and resurrected, the freshness of the message is wearing off, and heresy has infected the church’s teaching.

This class is an interactive consideration of John’s words to them and how to live out those words ourselves, putting our love in action as we fellowship with the Father and with each other.

Yesterday’s Youth — Revealing Heaven’s Mysteries

Meets in: Fellowship Hall                       Teacher: Gary Wiers

Some important questions Christians have about their future, eternal home are:

  •  How real a place is heaven, & where is it?
  •  What is the connection between how I live on Earth and what heaven will be like?
  •  What changes will human beings undergo
  •  Before entering heaven?
  •  Where are deceased family & friends right now?
  •  What will we do in heaven – won’t it be boring?

Dr. David Jeremiah’s recorded messages (and workbook) will provide answers to such questions, hoping to make our eternal home as real “on earth as it is in heaven.”  No matter your age, please join us to explore what God says about the place He has prepared for us.


The Early  Church Emerges — Studying Christianity In Its Formative Years

Meets in: Sunshine Room                               Teacher: Wayne Wright

Within a mere four centuries, Christianity went from a fledgling group of followers of the risen Christ to being the official religion of the world-wide Roman Empire. The faithful in the early Church struggled with division and persecution from the outside and error and heresy from inside.  However, such struggles brought clarity to faith and doctrine.   Over the time, clarity also came in organization and worship.  The apostles had used the Jewish synagogue as a model, but a strong, distinctly Christian identity emerged.  Empowered by the Holy Spirit, many faithful believers had a powerful, positive influence on the surrounding Greek and Roman cultures.  Overall, how these early Christians lived and worshipped will be explored through Bible references, a class booklet, transparencies, video presentations, artifacts and class discussion.  Our heritage from the early believers is rich, so join us to see how we believe and worship today emerged from the faith and practice of the early Church.


Focus On Prayer

Meets in: Bookstore               Led by Mark Schoonover

Our Bible Hour prayer meeting begins with an informal teaching on prayer, and then we pray for the needs of God’s people and our ministries using the model just learned from Scripture.


Ladies’ Bible Study — How People Change

Meets in: College & Career Room           Led by Julie Atwood

Ladies from many generations are being blessed and challenged by studying God’s truths from God’s Word.  This Quarter’s topic will be How People Change by Timothy Lane & Paul David Tripp.