3715 Wilson Ave. Grandville, MI 49418 Sunday Gatherings: 10:15AM and 5:30PM

Who We Are

Welcome to the Grace Bible Church website. As someone new to our site we would like to share with you a bit of who we are and what shapes our beliefs as followers of Christ.

Our Mission

To be a gospel-centered community helping people know Jesus Christ, grow in His grace, and go for His glory.

Our Focus

Jesus is the focus of the Bible and of God’s plan to rescue lost sinners.  At Grace Bible Church of Grandville, Michigan, we exalt — or lift up and make known — this Savior through Christ-centered preaching and God-honoring worship.

Our Worship is:

▪   Rich in Bible readings and prayer.

▪   Musical — combining contemporary choruses and historical hymns of the faith.  A choir, praise band, ensembles, hand bells, drums, piano, and organ enrich our praise and thankfulness to God.

Our Doctrine:

▪  We are historically evangelical partial to the First London Confession.

▪  We are non-denominational partners with the IFCA International.

▪  We recognize God as supreme in salvation and in our daily lives.

▪  We believe God’s gift of grace is sovereign, saving, and sufficient.

Our Identity

We have identified ourselves as Grace Bible Church. Let’s look at each of these three terms that form our name and identify us.

The term “Grace” is rich and meaningful. Grace is the unmerited goodness and favor of God extended to His people because of His Eternal Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. We believe three truths that help in understanding God’s grace.

God’s grace is a saving grace. God has provided for the forgiveness of our sins and for fellowship with Him through the doing and dying of His Son Jesus Christ. Jesus is the substitute who took the punishment for sin upon Himself so that we might have peace with God and enjoy His presence for all eternity.

God’s grace is a sovereign grace. He is the Creator and He is the Redeemer. God determined of His own free will to save sinners. He engineered, initiated and accomplished salvation. In fact, God works out everything to conform with the purpose of His will. This causes us to give Him all praise and glory through all the words and works of our lives.

God’s grace is a sufficient grace. God has accomplished everything that is needed for salvation. Grace is free from God, but it is not cheap. The work of Jesus Christ in His incarnation, death, burial, resurrection and ascension has accomplished the redemption of His people. Nothing can be added or deleted from the person and work of Jesus Christ. Christ has the supremacy over all things and His sacrifice enables everything we do.

The term “Bible” in our name refers to being shaped and formed by the very Word of God.  God’s Word is essential for life being inspired – the very breath of God, inerrant – free from error, and infallible – unfailing in its purpose. As such, it is totally sufficient to be our guide and rule for every area of life so that we might become more like Christ Jesus in character. God’s Word defines and directs all we do and are.

The term “Church” refers to our fellowship as a community of faith belonging to Jesus Christ. We exalt Him as our Lord and Savior. We extend His work and witness in the world which needs to be brought into allegiance under Him. We eagerly expect His coming for us when He will consummate His Kingdom.

It may be that some of the terms we use to identify and explain ourselves are new to you. That’s ok. We too are still going further in and higher up into the mysteries God has revealed to us in His Word. Our desire is that you might be intrigued by these concepts and come to learn along with us more of the God we worship.