Adult Bible Hour


Fall 2021


Courses meet at 9:00 am.

During the fall season we join together to work through significant topics that challenge our worldview and refresh our fellowship.

Women’s Prayer and Fellowship Group

This group will meet on Sunday mornings beginning at 8:30am for a time of focused prayer with all who are interested. At 8:50, after a brief break, there will be a time of fellowship and spiritual
encouragement over coffee. Leslie Craymer (Room #104)

City on a Hill: Christianity in North America

Is the United States really a Christian nation? In this course we will look back at how Christianity developed in North America from its origins via the voyages of Columbus all the way to the 20th  century. See how opportunities for practicing religion freely without national restraint began. Discover what influences Christianity had on the War for Independence, abolition of slavery, and the Civil War. Appreciate the value that revivals and the Great Awakenings had in shaping Christian America. Know the roots of how our own Grace Bible originated. Wayne Wright (Room #210)


What virtues and vices are described in the book of Proverbs? What does it teach about living a life of wisdom and avoiding a life of foolishness? In this class, we will examine many of the topics addressed in Proverbs, including wise living and foolish living, laziness and hard work, pride and humility, business ethics, and scoffing. By examining the texts that describe these topics, we will understand them more clearly. And by discussing the texts, we will apply them to our lives. Dave Visnovsky (Room #108)

Men’s Mentoring Group: Seeking and Setting – A study in the mind and actions of following Christ from Colossians 3-4

The focus of this group is in developing men as leaders in the church, home, work and world as we grow in our walk with the Lord and the Word in practical ways. We will share in Word prayer, and mutual encouragement in a lively conversational format about how we follow Jesus together. We use inductive Bible study methods so that we are learning how to understand the text as we work through this together. Jim VanderMey (Room #107)

Ladies Bible Study: Hoping for Something Better – Study in Hebrews

Hoping for Something Better is an in-depth, understandable and practical Bible study of the book of Hebrews for the modern heart and mind. In the end, readers will more fully grasp the person of Jesus Christ, what he has done for us, and why we should invest our lives in drawing near to him. Julie Atwood (Room #206)

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