Adult Bible Hour


Fall 2023


Courses meet at 9:00 am.

During the fall season we join together to work through significant topics that challenge our worldview and refresh our fellowship.


Women’s Prayer and Fellowship Group

This group will meet on Sunday mornings for a time of focused prayer with all who are interested. There is a time of fellowship and spiritual
encouragement over coffee. Tori Jansen 


THE CHURCH REIGNITED: Our Reformation Heritage 

The Church was born on the day of Pentecost with Holy Spirit fire. Centuries later that spreading flame had diminished to a glowing ember. Again the Holy Spirit flared up to reignite the Church through His faithful chosen people, creating a renewed devotion to God. This Christian heritage study will take the class through the development of the Reformation with several devoted and dedicated men and women making it possible. It has been 500 years since Luther posted his 95 Theses on the Wittenberg Church door marking the beginning of the Protestant Reformation. What was accomplished changed everything in the Christian world. Every aspect of religion, culture, and society was changed including marriage, family, music, art, and literature. The important changes in Christianity were the use of vernacular scripture, the priesthood of believers, and believer’s baptism. Come explore the origins of your evangelical Biblical faith. Overhead transparency images and videos will be utilized to enhance the presentation. Select Bible verses used to reinforce observing God’s providence in history. Wayne Wright


Adult Bible Study

In the Psalms, we find a wonderful collection of inspired songs of praise.  They express the full range of human emotions, including joy, gratitude, anger, and despair.  With every emotion and in every situation, the psalmist finds comfort in the salvation and provision of the Lord.

In this class, we will study one or two Psalms each week.  There will be times of teaching, but a great deal of our time is spent in discussion.  This will enable us to learn from each other as we interpret and apply the Psalms.  The goal is to learn how to communicate better with our Heavenly Father as we walk through life.  Dave Visnovsky


Men’s Leadership Development Group

The Grace Bible Church Men’s Leadership Development Group focuses on developing men as leaders in their homes, work, and here at Grace Bible Church. We do that through in in-depth study of God’s Word, and this fall we will continue a study in 1 Corinthians beginning with chapter 6 talking about relationships in the church and how we function in the midst of deep interpersonal conflict. We focus on deeply examining what the Word says, and then discussing the personal application in our lives as support for one another through prayer and building relationships inside and outside the hour on Sunday morning. We have participants in every decade of life from the teens to the 70s, so we welcome all men who want this kind of experience growing in the Word and in community together.  Jim VanderMey


Ladies Bible Class

The Ladies Bible Class is a class in which we seek to listen and encourage one another. Before we get into our study of God’s Word we spend time sharing with one another things that we have concerns about in our own personal lives and things we would like the class to be praying for in the next week. We are there to not only learn together but to lift one another up, encourage and admonish one another and care for one another. Sometimes this takes up to half our class time but has brought about close relationships that help us to be Jesus to one another. When we leave we take with us the name of someone we are committed to pray for during the next week.

Our next study is entitled Gentle and Lowly by Dane Ortlund. This is a study into the depths of Christ’s very heart for sinners focusing on Jesus’s words that he is “gentle and lowly in heart.” We will dive deep into Bible passages that speak of who he most deeply is, encouraging each other with the affections of Christ for his people.  Julie Atwood



Our time is spent sharing personal (as personal as you choose to be) and confidential parts of our lives that we can bring to the Lord in prayer, along with the known physical and spiritual needs within our local body. A reading from the Psalms leads us into an extended time of prayer, where each individual is allowed to pray as the Holy Spirit leads them. Prayer is the lifeline for the believer.Todd Eklund



Small Groups



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